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AngularJS Question

Selecting second anchor element within lists using protractor

I have a list of anchor tags and have to test clicking the 2nd tag in the list.

<ul id="shortcuts">
<li><a ui-sref="app.journeyExplorer" href="#/journey-explorer/"><span class="ng-binding">1</span></a></li>
<li><a ui-sref="app.userGroupManager" href="#/user-group-manager"><span class="ng-binding">2</span></a></li>

After much investigation and testing reached at the conclusion that the correct statement should be:


But it shows undefined. If I use get() it doesn't work. without get it clicks the 1st anchor tag in the list with a warning: 'More than one anchor tag found, in such case the 1st one is selected'

Can someone please help out with this ? Thanks.

Answer Source

You might want to try selector below (note all() instead of second element() to match all anchors (so that .get() that comes next makes any sense.


or via .css

element(By.css('#shortcuts a:nth-child(1)').click();
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