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C# Question

.net Core API ERRORS

I have recently update my nuget packages and now I am receiving these four errors. I have no Idea where to begin or where to start debugging this issue. Here are the errors...

enter image description here

I am confused as to where the 'runtime section' is located. I would be happy to share code it is posted on my git here. Thank you for any of your time and help!

Answer Source

your project.json file defines what frameworks you are saying that your app targets. If you're set on targetting net core (which you don't have to do in an core application), you can add the runtimes section:

"runtimes": {
    "win7-64": {}

like it says.

Or you can choose to target a different framework. For example, if you want to target simply .NET 4.6.2, you can change the frameworks section to:

"frameworks": {
    "net462": {}

The docs page can help clear up all the different frameworks you can target.

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