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R how to visualize confusion matrix using the caret package

I'd like to visualize the data I've put in the confusion matrix. Is there a function I could simply put the confusion matrix and it would visualize it (plot it)?

Example what I'd like to do(Matrix$nnet is simply a table containing results from the classification):

Confusion$nnet <- confusionMatrix(Matrix$nnet)

My Confusion$nnet$table looks like this:

prediction (I would also like to get rid of this string, any help?)
1 2
1 42 6
2 8 28

Answer Source

You could use the built-in fourfoldplot. For example,

ctable <- as.table(matrix(c(42, 6, 8, 28), nrow = 2, byrow = TRUE))
fourfoldplot(ctable, color = c("#CC6666", "#99CC99"),
             conf.level = 0, margin = 1, main = "Confusion Matrix")

enter image description here

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