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How to delete all files in a folder, but not delete the folder using NIX standard libraries?

I am trying to create a program that deletes the contents of the /tmp folder, I am using C/C++ on linux.

system("exec rm -r /tmp")

deletes everything in the folder but it deletes the folder too which I dont want.

Is there any way to do this by some sort of bash script, called via
; or is there a direct way i can do this in C/C++?

My question is similar to this one, but im not on OS X... how to delete all files in a folder, but not the folder itself?

Answer Source

In C/C++, you could do:

system("exec rm -r /tmp/*")

In Bash, you could do:

rm -r /tmp/*

This will delete everything inside /tmp, but not /tmp itself.

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