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MacRuby, error when using Sequel

I have just installed Sequel using the command

sudo macgem install sequel
. It tells me sequel-3.18.0 was successfully installed.

When I fire up xcode, and start a new MacRuby application, it sets up a target for unit tests. I have modified
with the following two lines:

require "rubygems"
require "sequel"

When trying to run the unit tests, I get the following error:

/Users/.../macRuby Test/Tests/run_suite.rb:1:in `<main>': super: no superclass method `require' for Sequel:Class (NoMethodError)

Without the two
statements, the tests run fine.

I have tried to google this, and found the following ticket on

Ticket #930
SIGABRT in MacRuby 0.7 with Sequel + SQLite3-Ruby gem
[...] After patching for Kernel#require issue in Sequel, I am able to load both Sequel, and SQLite3, with no problems. [...] Required libraries are Sequel (Patched for Kernel.require, instead of super in Sequel#self.require), and SQLite3-Ruby. [...]

I can't find anything about this patch anywhere else, though...

Is there any known issue?
What does this error message mean, and how I can get this to work?

lrz lrz
Answer Source

What version of MacRuby do you run? Also, do you run a 32-bit Mac?

In my environment, 64-bit Intel mac running MacRuby trunk, I am able to install and require sequel.

$ /usr/local/bin/macruby -r rubygems -e "require 'sequel'; p 42"

As Eloy said, it is better to report MacRuby problems to our mailing-list or ticket trac instead.

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