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PHP Question

Finding particular words in string

I want to search the string which contains

Rathi 25mm
but I don't want to use the complete word to search .How can i do the search using specific words?

Rathi Stelmax 500 25 mm in stripos

$title='Rathi Stelmax 500 25 mm';

if (stripos(strtolower($title), 'Rathi 25 mm') !== false)
echo 'true';

Answer Source

There are a few ways to do this. Using your current approach you can run multiple striposs in the conditional to confirm each word is there:

$title='Rathi Stelmax 500 25 mm';
if (stripos(strtolower($title), 'Rathi') !== false && stripos(strtolower($title),  '25 mm'))
    { echo 'true';


You also could use a regex such as:

/Rathi.*25 mm/

PHP Demo:
Regex Demo:

PHP Usage:

$title='Rathi Stelmax 500 25 mm';
if (preg_match('/Rathi.*25 mm/', $title)) { 
     echo 'true';
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