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jmh: Run benchmark concurrently

I'm running a jmh benchmark, but the invocations in each trial are occurring in serial. How can I make the invocations run concurrently?

Here's a summary of my code:

public class FooBenchmark {
public int barId;

public void setup() {

public void run(Blackhole hole) {
System.out.println("A"); // for proof that it's serial (see below)
System.out.println("B"); // for proof that it's serial (see below)

This will print A and then B. Will never give two consecutive A's or B's.

Answer Source

If you want to explicitly define the total amount of threads to use during your test, you need to annotate your test method (method annotated with @Benchmark) with @Threads(numberOfThreads) as next:

public void run(Blackhole hole) {

In this example, 10 threads will execute the test method concurrently.

As reminder, here is part of the doc that describes this annotation:

@Threads: Number of threads to use for the test. The default is Runtime.getRuntime().availableProcessors().

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