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MySQLi ignores host parameter

This is my setup (the IP numbers are fictional of course):

Server A (

hosts a database called

with the user
and the password
. This user has access to the database and remote connections from any host are permitted (I know it's a leak and I will fix it once it works)

Update 1: This server shows no signs of receiving the connection (like
connection refused
or something like that) Port 3306 is open

Server B (
hosts a PHP script which connects to the database with the following command:

$connection = mysqli_connect("","db_user","db_pass","database1",3306);

My log on Server B says:

Access denied for user 'db_user'@'' (using password: YES) in <path-to-php-file> in line 42

The line number matches the statement, so it is indeed the statement above which fails.

Why? I explicitly specified the IP of Server A (also tried
instead of

Update 2:
I ran the following query via commandline as MySQL-Root and this is the output:

mysql> SHOW GRANTS FOR 'db_user';
GRANT USAGE ON *.* TO 'db_user'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY PASSWORD '<password hash>'
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `database1`.* TO 'db_user1'@'%'

Seems valid to me. What strikes me as odd is that in the log of B it shows it own address (B's address) instead of A's where the Database is located. My idea is it tries to connect to a database on server B where no MySQL user db_user exists.

Update 3:
I connected via SSH to server B and ran
mysql --host= -udb_user -p
and typed in the password => it worked.
SHOW GRANTS FOR current_user;
returned the same like on server A.


If you can't connect using mysqli, try using PDO instead. I'm not sure why, but apparently in this case PDO works.

Personally, I like PDO better than mysqli, because of named parameters instead of ?, and the ability to provide an array of values when calling PDOStatement::execute(). You may find you like it as well.