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Python Question

Installing pyomo windows 10

I want to install an energy optimization tool URBS which is written in python.

An installation procedure is written with it but summary of it is as under.

  1. Install Anaconda

  2. Install pyomo using
    pip install pyomo

  3. Install GLPK (latest) and add its path

When I follow all this procedure and at the end use this command
python runme.py

It work perfectly fine in Windows 7 but donot work in windows10
It gives error while using windows 10 as attached in the following image. Picture Error.

Answer Source

Pyomo latest release which is pyomo4.3.11377 is not working with windows 10.

I have tried an older version using pip install pyomo==4.3.11328 and it solved all of my problems and I used an older version of glpk4.57 with it to run the optimizations