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Python Question

Cross Referencing Lists in Python

I am trying to make a function that takes an input, compares that input to a list of lists and returns an item from another list with the same number of objects.




  • If
    is 1, 2 or 3 function returns

  • If
    is 4 or 5 function returns

  • If
    is 6, 7 or 8 function returns

I'm new to python and have been thinking about the problem for a while and looking around for clues with no results. Any tips/clues that might help me figure this out would be appreciated! Thanks!

Answer Source

You can loop through each list in list_1 and check if the input is in one. If it is, you can print the corresponding index of list_2 (assuming it is composed only of single values), which you obtain by using enumerate in the loop.

input = 1
for idx,i in enumerate(list_1):
    if input in i:
        return list_2[idx]

In this case, I returned 'a'.

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