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Calculate business days in Oracle SQL(no functions or procedure)

I am trying to calculate business days between two dates in Oracle select. I got to the point when my calculation gives most results correct for given dates (I compare it with NETWORKDAYS in excel) but sometimes it varies from 2 days to -2 days - and I don't know why...

Here's my code:

((to_char(CompleteDate,'J') - to_char(InstallDate,'J'))+1) - (((to_char(CompleteDate,'WW')+ (52 * ((to_char(CompleteDate,'YYYY') - to_char(InstallDate,'YYYY'))))) - to_char(InstallDate,'WW'))*2) as BusinessDays


Answer Source

The solution, finally:

SELECT OrderNumber, InstallDate, CompleteDate,
  (TRUNC(CompleteDate) - TRUNC(InstallDate) ) +1 - 
  ((((TRUNC(CompleteDate,'D'))-(TRUNC(InstallDate,'D')))/7)*2) -
  (CASE WHEN TO_CHAR(InstallDate,'DY','nls_date_language=english')='SUN' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) -
  (CASE WHEN TO_CHAR(CompleteDate,'DY','nls_date_language=english')='SAT' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) as BusinessDays
FROM Orders
ORDER BY OrderNumber;

Thanks for all your responses !

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