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Markdown Question

Is there a markup editor (online/offline) that supports copy&paste images (like GitHub issue tracker does)?

I love GitHub issue tracker because you can simply paste images from the clipboard into the editor, where it is automatically uploaded.

Is there a markdown editor which can do the same? Online or offline (Mac/PC)?

I don't want to have a full-blown rich-text WYSIWYG-editor, I just want my beloved markdown with images copy&paste upload.

Answer Source

Since I didn't find a suitable solution, I decided to create my own online Markdown editor with the possibility to paste images from the clipboard: PIMP (Pasteable Images, Markdown, Pandoc).

It's not yet looking very great yet, but it offers everything you need to create semantically awesome documents using Pandoc's very powerful Markdown, paste images directly from clipboard into the text, and export the documents to various formats (at the time being Docx, Epub, Odt, maybe later also PDF).

At the time being, to use PIMP, one has to create a user account.

The whole project is rather a proof of concept than a real project, but if people like and use it, I would be happy to make it a real project. I'm thinking of adding the following features:

  • Uploading a reference docx file for applying custom styles (and header, footer, etc.) to exported docx documents
  • Creating different versions (forks) of a document and comparing/merging them using git diff (or a similar tool), so many people can work on the same document easily
  • Making documents private (at the time being, all is public)

At the time being, pasting text into a textarea isn't working on Firefox. More info here: Issue #26 of paste.js

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