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Split pandas dataframe string entry to separate rows

I have a

pandas dataframe
in which one column of text strings contains comma-separated values. I want to split each CSV field and create a new row per entry (assume that CSV are clean and need only be split on ','). For example,
should become

In [7]: a
var1 var2
0 a,b,c 1
1 d,e,f 2

In [8]: b
var1 var2
0 a 1
1 b 1
2 c 1
3 d 2
4 e 2
5 f 2

So far, I have tried various simple functions, but the
method seems to only accept one row as return value when it is used on an axis, and I can't get
to work. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Example data:

from pandas import DataFrame
import numpy as np
a = DataFrame([{'var1': 'a,b,c', 'var2': 1},
{'var1': 'd,e,f', 'var2': 2}])
b = DataFrame([{'var1': 'a', 'var2': 1},
{'var1': 'b', 'var2': 1},
{'var1': 'c', 'var2': 1},
{'var1': 'd', 'var2': 2},
{'var1': 'e', 'var2': 2},
{'var1': 'f', 'var2': 2}])

I know this won't work because we lose DataFrame meta-data by going through numpy, but it should give you a sense of what I tried to do:

def fun(row):
letters = row['var1']
letters = letters.split(',')
out = np.array([row] * len(letters))
out['var1'] = letters
a['idx'] = range(a.shape[0])
z = a.groupby('idx')

Answer Source

How about something like this:

In [55]: pd.concat([Series(row['var2'], row['var1'].split(','))              
                    for _, row in a.iterrows()]).reset_index()
  index  0
0     a  1
1     b  1
2     c  1
3     d  2
4     e  2
5     f  2

Then you just have to rename the columns

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