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how to find the lag of the first observation in a grouped data in SAS

I have a dataset,and it looks like this:

id name score

1 daniel 30
1 jane 20
1 keisha 70
2 kelly 30
2 jerry 60
2 jay 40

i want to find the difference between scores, comparing the FIRST score of each group to all other scores in that group. So for example,

i want to compare jane's score to daniel's (30-20=10) and compare keisha's score to daniel's (abs(30-70) = 40)

And to start over by comparing jerry's score to kelly's (abs(30-60=30)) and jay's score to kelly's (40-30 = 10).

id name score compare

1 daniel 30 .
1 jane 20 10
1 keisha 70 40
2 kelly 30 .
2 jerry 60 30
2 jay 40 10

Does anybody know of a way to write this in SAS? or any SQL command?

I've tried the following

data scoring_prep;
set scoring_prep;
by id;
if not missing(score) then do;
scorediff = abs(dif(score));
if id ne lag(id) then scorediff = .;

but this only find provides lag of the previous record, so keisha, for example, will be compared with jane instead of daniel.

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Answer Source

Since you are not comparing to the previous value you do not want to use the LAG() or DIF() function. Instead use a retained variable to carry to comparison value forward.

data want;
  set scoring_prep;
  by id;
  retain baseline;
  if then baseline=score;
  else scorediff=abs(baseline - score);
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