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Javascript Question

Javascript/jQuery undefined object length

I have an object that is being created from a database call in the following format:

Object { group1={...}, same=null, group2=null}

enter image description here

I am trying to get the count of items in group1, group2, and same.

I accessed it through the console like so:


In the image above, this returns undefined. However, if I have more than one item in
, it returns the count just fine. It appears to only cause issues when there is a single item in the object/array.

Is there a function that can be used to account for these possibilities and return the
of items in those objects above?


This is how I am creating my data:

success: function(data) {

// Define our data response
var d =;

// Push our data to an object
dataObj = {
same: (d.same ? : null),
group1: (d.group1 ? : null),
group2: (d.group2 ? : null)

// Render our table

From here, I am trying to get the amount of items in

This is an example of when more than one item is in the response. I am able to access this using
and it returns
which is correct. All I am trying to figure out his how to handle this when there is only
enter image description here

Answer Source

After having the question correctly explained to me after my head turned into a block of wood, it's just simply a case of covering eventualities. As @KevinB correctly states, you should really sanitise the response data so it always returns an array of objects, even if there's only 1 object or even no objects in it. That's what's causing your problem.

If you get this response...

    group1: { tool: 244, toolName: "blueprint" },
    group2: null,
    same: null

then group1 is an object, not an array, so therefore has no length property. If, however, you got this response instead...

    group1: [{ tool: 244, toolName: "blueprint" }],
    group2: null,
    same: null

then group1 would hold exactly the same data, but would be an array and therefore have a length property.

What I would suggest is a simple function to evaluate the objects and return the expected response, like this...

function getLength(obj) {
    if (obj == null) return 0;
    if (obj.length == undefined) return 1;
    return obj.length;

In your example, you would use getLength(dataObj.group1) and it would return 1. It would return 0 if it was null and return the actual length if it were an array.

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