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SetWindowsHookEx DLL unloading

I am using SetWindowsHookEx to inject a dll into another process. However, when the injector program exits, the dll is unloaded from the other process. Is there anyway for me to stop the unloading ? Basically, I want the dll to persist permanently regardless of whether the injector program is still running. If I am able to increase the dll reference count from within the dll, that could work. But I haven't found a way.

Answer Source

exist 2 way 1.) most effective - use LdrAddRefDll - this do exactly what you need in shortest way. you need use ntdll.lib (or ntdllp.lib) for linking.

LdrAddRefDll(0, (HMODULE)&__ImageBase);

2)not nice and effective but work

if (GetModuleFileName((HMODULE)&__ImageBase, sz, RTL_NUMBER_OF(sz)))
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