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Tips for following php calls in code base

I am working with action script 3 and often I see server calls that link to php files.

var serverCall:ServerCall = new ServerCall("getDeviceFirmwareLog", getDeviceFirmwareLogResponse, getDeviceFirmwareLogResponse, false);

This line calls some php functions that cannot be searched in my IDE, so I usually go from here and I would try to grep for that string "getDeviceFirmwareLog" and then I run into some php that makes other weird calls that somehow calls some stuff on the embedded hardware we run. In general when I grep for that string I don't even get any results and I'm so confused as to how it might be connected.

I am much more used to regular code calls and includes that are easier to follow. I've asked some people at work but it seems to get glossed over and I don't want to ask the same question a third time until I've exhausted my other options. I am wondering if there are any general debugging / code following tips for this kind of a setup that could help me understand what is going on in my codebase.

Thanks in advance.

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Without intimate knowledge of your environment, I'd say it appears ServerCall is a custom socket class that calls external functions, with n number of arguments.

getDeviceFirmwareLog would therefore be the function being called, and would be a native function to the API of the hardware (not PHP); this is why you wouldn't be able to find it with a grep search.

Consequently, unless it's rigged with event listeners, ServerCall would populate with the requested data asynchronously (which would likely still fire an event when the request completed).

As you're working with both Flash and PHP, it appears as though you might be testing this through a browser. If so, you could always try the native debugging tools in your browser (F12).

The PHP portion is harder as it's server side scripting, however, take a look at the Eclipse Plugin PDT, which offers debugging facilities for PHP code.

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