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Javascript Question

Not getting min attribute value in given elements set


for(var k=0;k<10;k++){
$(eleid).after('<li class="pgs_li_cls" id="stpli_'+k+'" data-pos="'+k+'"><input type="button" value="'+k+'" class="stkpgmb" id="stkpgid_'+k+'" onclick="func_is(this);"></li>');

function func_is(ele){
var max = 0, min=0;
$('.pgs_li_cls').each(function() {
max = Math.max($(this).attr("data-pos"), max);
min = Math.min($(this).attr("data-pos"), min);
var an_id = ele.id;
an_id = an_id.substr(0, an_id.length-1);
console.log(max+" "+min);

As you can see i'm creating
containing a button 10 times and which ever button is clicked function
is called, So what happens is that when a button is clicked it retrieves the
which have the minimum
and remove that.

The problem is that for the first time when a button is clicked it find the min result to be
and max result to be
which is great and then it removes the
with minimum

but when I click another button the
value is still 0 as it suppose to be 1 even though
li data-pos 0
has been removed (in my browser inspect after first click can't find the
data-pos 0).

I would really appreciate is someone tell what am I doing wrong :)

Answer Source

That is because you are initializing min value to 0 in func_is function.

Try setting it to bigger value

function func_is(ele){
  var max = 0, min= 1000;
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