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how to change navigation bar in .Net MVC

I would like to change navigation bar in my application depending on who is loged in. I don't want customer to see links available to admin for example. From information that I've found so far I think I will have to create couple of versions of layout and use wright one with appropriate view. If I'm wrong what is the best way to do it?

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In most Web applications administration area is quite different from "operational" area (that dedicated to normal users). Providing more details might be useful, but I recommend to use areas, a feature of MVC:

  • they allow to have a clear separation by semantics of content. In your case this means administration vs. other parts of the application

  • each area can define a default layout (or other layout pages) to be used in that particular area

  • areas act as containers for security and routes

Using the same layout between administrative and other part of your application might force into ugly code like the following:

if (@Model.IsAdmin)
    // show admin link 1 here

// normal user or public content here

if (@Model.IsAdmin)
    // other code accessible for admin only

So, shortly put, I advice for separation.

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