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How can I build/deploy an angular 2 project to production?

I have created a site using Angular 2. I started making my site using the Angular 2 QuickStart Guide as base and it's working like it should if I use the command

npm start
. Now that the site is finished I need to build/deploy (don't know the correct definition) to production so the site can be access to the client. The question is: how to I build this project for production? (without the need to run
npm install

The best thing I could found was to to try
ng build -prod
, but it says that my project is not a cli project. How to a generate the independent files to open just the
page and access the site? Is it possible?


Maybe I was not clear: what I'm looking for is a way to get all the TypeScripts files and build it in a pure HTML/JavaScript/CSS site ready to display. No compression or minify needed at the moment. Is it possible? If not, what are other solutions (preferably independent on the host)?

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I'm really bad at dealing with webpack and wasn't able to Anthony Ikeda solution or any other solution I found on web. If anyone get stuck in this like me, my solution was to use Angular Cli. I create a new project with angular cli, create all the pages, components and services with angular cli and copied the code from the old no-cli project to this new cli project. With a cli project, I used the ng build command to build the project and get the files to deploy.

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