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How to check a parameter from user table when authenticating in Laravel?

I am trying to make a Laravel website that uses
Laravel's Auth package. I'm using Laravel 5.3.2.

I have created a field in user table called


Now I want to know how to check the users role during the authentication process and then redirect to a required view based on the role.
Please help me figure out how this would be possible.

Thank you very much in advance.

Answer Source

When a user logs in, this is done through your LoginController.php which is located at app\Http\Controllers\Auth

This controller uses a trait called AuthenticatesUsers.

This trait has a method called authenticated() which by default is empty. This method is called if it's not empty by the trait - after all the necessary loggin in stuff has been done.

You could override this method in your AuthenticationController.php and add the functionality you are asking for. An example would be:

// You actually get an Auth\User object passed to you by the trait!
public function authenticated(Request $request, $user)
    if($user->role == 'admin') {
        // You could do anything here
        return redirect()->route('admin-dashboard');
    } else {
        return redirect()->route('home');
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