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Uncaught TypeError: (intermediate value).Pie is not a function -Chart.js

I want to draw Pie chart using Chart.js 2.1.6

My code :

<script src="~/Plugin/Chart.js 2.1.6/dist/Chart.min.js"></script>

<canvas id="mychart"></canvas>

var data = [
value: 300,
color: "#F7464A",
highlight: "#FF5A5E",
label: "Red"
value: 50,
color: "#46BFBD",
highlight: "#5AD3D1",
label: "Green"
value: 100,
color: "#FDB45C",
highlight: "#FFC870",
label: "Yellow"

var ctx = $("#myChart").get(0).getContext("2d");
var myPieChart = new Chart(ctx).Pie(data);

But i get an Error : Uncaught TypeError: (intermediate value).Pie is not a function.

Answer Source

have you tried using the following code instead?

var myPieChart = new Chart(ctx,{
    type: 'pie',
    data: data,
    options: options
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