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Python: Change variable value from another thread

Why does the value of my_string not change?

I'm running two threads from two different modules, and module 2 accesses the "set_string" of module 1 in order to change the value of "my_string", but when module 1 prints the string, its empty.

First module:

from threading import Thread
import Module2 as M2
import time

my_string = ""

def set_string(string):
global my_string
my_string = string

def mainloop1():
global my_string
while True:
print("Module 1: ", my_string)

if __name__ == '__main__':
thread = Thread(target=M2.mainloop2)

Second module:

import Module1 as M1
import time
import random

def mainloop2():
while True:
string = str(random.randint(0, 100))
print("Module 2: ", string)

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It's because the methods are implemented in different modules and there are no truly global variables in python; the set_string referenced in Module2 is updating the my_string variable in its globals()['M1'] name where-as Module1 is updating the my_string variable stored directly in globals()['my_string'].

Note that if you move your definition of mainloop2 into Module1, update the imports, and the Thread call then you get your expected behavior, indefinite execution order and all.