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Objective-C Question

Using a Storyboard for many apps

I have two apps where have some same settings. Meaning that in every app there is a share button and a rate button, with the same functionality.

What I do is to copy paste the code in order to create the same functionality (for the rate and share buttons). In fact they have similar design and both are in the same View controller.

So, I want to develop a project where those two buttons (with same design and functionality) will be placed and when I develop a new app to call it, instead of copying and pasting the code.

In a search that I did I find that Storyboard Reference can be a solution(without being sure). Also I have seen about iOS Frameworks.

Please I would like to have your opinions.


Answer Source

Just pack the code that you want to reuse as a static library(plus resource bundle) or framework or cocoapods project, then you can reuse it for multiple projects without have to copy paste source code

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