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Returning JSON Errors from Asp.Net MVC 6 API

I'm trying out building a web API with MVC 6. But when one of my controller methods throws an error, the content of the response is a really nicely formatted HTML page that would be very informative were this an MVC app. But since this is an API, I'd rather have some JSON returned instead.

Note: My setup is super basic right now, just setting:


// Add MVC to the request pipeline.

I want to set this up universally. Is there a "right/best" way to set this up in MVC 6 for an API?


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One way to achieve your scenario is to write an ExceptionFilter and in that capture the necessary details and set the Result to be a JsonResult.

// Here I am creating an attribute so that you can use it on specific controllers/actions if you want to.
public class CustomExceptionFilterAttribute : ExceptionFilterAttribute
    public override void OnException(ExceptionContext context)
        var exception = context.Exception;
        context.Result = new JsonResult(/*Your POCO type having necessary details*/)
            StatusCode = (int)HttpStatusCode.InternalServerError

You can add this exception filter to be applicable to all controllers. Example:

app.UseServices(services =>
    services.Configure<MvcOptions>(options =>
        options.Filters.Add(new CustomExceptionFilterAttribute());

Note that this solution does not cover all scenarios...for example, when an exception is thrown while writing the response by a formatter.

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