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C# Question

Change values using chebyshev distance in a matrix

I have an 20x20 matrix with 0 values.

matrix[10,10] is chosen value: 1.

full size image

Distance is: 3.

How to do change neighbour values (distance: 3) using chebyshev distance algorithm in C#?

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Algorithm can check, if chosen value 1 is not in center of matrix (for example: matrix[1,1] = 1) then will not out of matrix index range.

I read chebysev distance on Wikipedia, but I dont understand math formula.

Answer Source

If I understand you question correctly, you want to change all entries within a radius r of some reference point (x, y) to a defined value (where the radius is measured in the Chebyshev metric). You can do this by calculating the appropriate ranges on the axes:

var lowerX = Math.Max(0, x - radius);
var upperX = Math.Min(matrix.Columns - 1, x + radius);
var lowerY = Math.Max(0, y - radius);
var upperY = Math.Min(matrix.Rows - 1, y + radius);
for(int i = lowerX; i <= upperX; ++i)
    for(int j = lowerY; j <= upperY; ++j)
        matrix[i][j] = value;

The methods matrix.Rows, matrix.Columns, and the element access matrix[][] are just used exemplarily. You have to use appropriate methods of your data structure.

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