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How to get list of network requests done by HTML

How can i get the list of network requests using Javascript done by the HTML, as seen in the chrome devtools.

For example:
enter image description here

This is the devtools for I want to, using javascript get all these request in a list. is this possible? if yes how?

Answer Source

Some browsers have implemented a version of the not-yet-standard, Resource Timing API where you can collect some of this information.

Some browsers may have some of this info available to browser extensions as part of their developer tools support, but that would require the installation of a custom extension, not something that could be done from a regular web page.

For very specific operations where you control the calling code or you know the calling code, it is possible to instrument some things. For example, if you know that all ajax calls go through one particular function, you can hook that function and it's completion handlers and monitor all ajax calls.

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