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Plus.PeopleApi.getCurrentPerson deprecated in Play services 8.4. How to get user's first name, last name and gender using GoogleSignInApi?

With Play services 8.4, the method getCurrentPerson is deprecated and I was using the PeopleApi to get user's first name, last name and gender.

Can anyone tell me how to get the signed in user's info using another method?

Answer Source

I found the solution myself so I'm posting it here if anyone else faces the same problem.

Although I was looking for a solution for using GoogleSignInApi to get user's info, I couldn't find that and I think we need to use the Plus Api to get info like gender.

    public void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) {
        super.onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, data);
        if (requestCode == RC_SIGN_IN) {
            GoogleSignInResult result = Auth.GoogleSignInApi.getSignInResultFromIntent(data);


private void handleSignInResult(GoogleSignInResult result)
        Log.d(TAG, "handleSignInResult:" + result.isSuccess());
        if (result.isSuccess())
            GoogleSignInAccount acct = result.getSignInAccount();

             Plus.PeopleApi.load(mGoogleApiClient, acct.getId()).setResultCallback(new ResultCallback<People.LoadPeopleResult>() {
                public void onResult(@NonNull People.LoadPeopleResult loadPeopleResult) {
                    Person person = loadPeopleResult.getPersonBuffer().get(0);
                    Log.d(TAG,"Person loaded");
                    Log.d(TAG,"GivenName "+person.getName().getGivenName());
                    Log.d(TAG,"FamilyName "+person.getName().getFamilyName());
                    Log.d(TAG,("DisplayName "+person.getDisplayName()));
                    Log.d(TAG,"Gender "+person.getGender());
                    Log.d(TAG,"Url "+person.getUrl());
                    Log.d(TAG,"CurrentLocation "+person.getCurrentLocation());
                    Log.d(TAG,"AboutMe "+person.getAboutMe());
                    Log.d(TAG,"Birthday "+person.getBirthday());
                    Log.d(TAG,"Image "+person.getImage());

            //mStatusTextView.setText(getString(R.string.signed_in_fmt, acct.getDisplayName()));
        } else {
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