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Use maven JavaDoc with reasonable doclint parameters

There is lots of information on how to switch of the sacred JavaDoc lint feature in Java 8. Believe it or not, today I decided to use this functionality and fix my JavaDocs. However in its standard configuration it is complaining about every possibly missing

. From what I see in the JavaDoc documentation at Java 8 javadoc technotes my option of choice is
. This should include all checks, but leave out complaints on missed documentation opportunities. The maven configuration looks like:


However when running with
mvn site
I get the error:

[ERROR] Exit code: 1 - javadoc: error - invalid flag: -missing

I suspect that the parameter processing in maven is the problem, however, quoting didn't help.

Any ideas how to use this? Any alternative good practices to check JavaDoc in a reasonable way?

Answer Source

The right syntax is:

-Xdoclint:all -Xdoclint:-missing 
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