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Ruby Question

Redmine install process rake db:migrate does not work

I am in process of installing Redmine app via RedmineInstall documentation I try step 5 :

bundle exec rake db:migrate

then error shows :

bundler: command not found: rake
Install missing gem executables with ┬┤bundle install┬┤

I use redmine 3.3.0 64 for windows

I use redmine gemfile and rake was installed (i see
Using rake 11.2.2

I tried reinstall it via bundle install or gem install/uninstall, but did not help (see Successfully installed rake-11.2.2 but rake do not work).

I tried this command from ruby/bin directory or redmine directory not success.

I do not understand, that rake is successfully installed, but when i try use it with bundle it says that command not found.
The problem may be in the directory where the Redmine or rake?

Answer Source

Try rake db:migrate in your redmine directory without bundle exec and see if that resolves your issue.

Rails usually provides bin stubs for rake and other gem files, so that bundle exec is not necessary or will even fail because it will look in an other gem directory where, in this case, rake might not be installed.

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