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.NET CI server on Linux for building WPF applications

I'm trying to find a solution for CI which can be run on a Linux server that currently holds out SVN repo.

As many of the applications we build are Windows desktop application using WPF as the front end, I'm uncertain if this is possible.

I've seen a number of CI solutions for building ASP application on Linux, and while I realise it's not possible to run a WPF application on linux, is there a CI server which will build WPF applications when not running on Windows?

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As we spoke in comments:

To either run or build you would need the same set of dll's (for runtime or compile time) so I think the answer is no. Reason why is because all of the runtime dll's are in GAC which is not available on linux neither is a recent version of .NET libraries. AFAIK you can use wine on LINUX to get .NET 1.1

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