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Is there any performance comparison between Perl web frameworks?

I have seen mentions (which sounded like unsubstantiated opinions, and dated ones at that) that Embperl is the fastest Perl web framework.

I was wondering if there's a consensus on the relative speed of the major stable Perl web frameworks, or ideally, some sort of fact-based performance comparisons between implementations of the same sample webapps, or individual functionalities (e.g. session handling or form data processing), etc...?

UPDATE: This question is specifically about the speed comparison of different frameworks, executing identical/equivalent tasks. I appreciate the good intentions, but I already know that speed is not the only criteria I should be looking at. I wasn't asking for philosophical advice. And believe it or not, being frameworks, you CAN actually compare their speed on an apple-to-apple basis by running identically purposed tasks/code/apps on them (e.g. render a given form with a given set of templated inserts etc...), even if the full functionality of each framework is not 100% the same.

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Here is one comparison between perl frameworks, in terms of speed (startup) and memory consumed by framework itself. It is a bit old (2008), so it does not compare new stuff like Plack.


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