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ng-animate with ng-class directive

You can use ng-animate with ng-class with the add and remove animations. I'm looking to make one animation in CSS3 but haven't found good examples with ng-class online. So I was wondering if people have good examples they want to share.

I am not sure what my final animation will look like, but for the purpose of this example let's say I just want to make the height of the div gradually increase when I add the class


<div ng-class="{{myclass:scopeVar}}" ng-animate="?????"></div>


Answer Source

I've found a solution to this problem so I thought I'd share it.

What's nice about this one is that it only requires two CSS classes. You can directly insert the CSS3 transition property into your base class. Unlike other ng-animate cases, I believe all the animations are done in CSS3 (no messing with the DOM like with animations with ng-include etc...).

I want to thank Ilan Frumer for the link to his answer. His solution was for animation with ng-show which is very similar but a little different from animations with ng-class. Hence why I decided to post my example.

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