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python: Multiple plotting in one subplot2grid-image

Let f be a function that depends on an independent variable x and on one (or more) parameter b.
My goal is to draw f for several values of b into the same image. And I want that b is a global value (so that I can quickly change it).
Consider the code

import numpy as np
import pylab as pl

def f(x,b):
return np.sin(x*b)*b

X = np.linspace(0,10,1000)
F = f(X,b)
pl.figure(figsize=(12, 16), num="My sine")
pl.plot(X, F, label='b = %f' %b)

This code can be evaluated multiple times, just with another value for b. Then all the curves are drawn into the same figure.

Now the problem:
If in the above code I put

pl.subplot2grid((4, 1), (0, 0), rowspan=3)

, every new evaluation of the code is drawn into a new blank figure.

So, how can I realise that with using
each evaluation is drawn into the same figure?

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Answer Source

Maybe you are looking for something like this?:

import numpy as np
import pylab as pl

def f(x,b):
    return np.sin(x*b)*b

def draw(b):
    X = np.linspace(0,10,1000)
    F = f(X,b)
    ax1.plot(X, F, label='b = %f' %b)

# Main program
fig = pl.figure(figsize=(12, 16), num="My sine")
ax1 = pl.subplot2grid((4,3), (0,0), colspan=2)

for b in [0.4, 0.5, 0.6]:


enter image description here

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