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Ajax Question

How to apply a filter on an ajax repeated list using Vue.js?

I'm trying to apply a filter on a list which I retrieve using AJAX, the problem I have is that Vue.js tries to apply the filter before the list is loaded and shown.

This is what I have so far:

<div class="grid__container games">
<div v-if="games">
<th>Player One</th>
<th>Player Two</th>
<th>Played At</th>
<tr v-for="game in games.data">
<td>{{ game.player_one }}</td>
<td>{{ game.player_one_goals }} - {{ game.player_two_goals }}</td>
<td>{{ game.player_two }}</td>
<td>{{ [ game.created_at, "YYYY-MM-DD h:mm:ss" ] | moment "dddd, MMMMM, Do YYYYY" }}</td>

import auth from '../auth'

export default {
data() {
return {
data: '',
games: ''
methods: {
getGames() {
.get('/api/games', { headers: auth.getAuthHeader() }).then((data) => {
this.data = data
this.games = JSON.parse(this.data.body)
}, (error) => {
created: function () {

Here I am trying to apply the filter on the game's created at date, it ends throwing an error instead when trying to load the page

Uncaught ReferenceError: string is not defined

Is there a way to make the filter 'wait' for the list to be loaded before trying to filter the data?

Answer Source

The quickest thing you can do is use a method instead of a filter:

createdDate(game) {
  if (game !== undefined && game.date !== undefined) {
    return someFunctionThatWillFormatYourDate(game.date)
  } else {
    return ''
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