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Running an API Request Every 15 Seconds

I use an API that has been recently rate limited and requests have to be run every 15 seconds as that is the wait time otherwise a status code of 429 rate limit exceeded is returned.

I often have more than one email address that needs to be run against this API and the email addresses are contained within an array. How would I go about running the request every say 15.5 seconds but move onto each email address until the end of the array? It's a very tricky one for sure. I've tried:

setInterval(checkEmail(email), 15500);

No joy, for some reason that just doesn't seem to work. Btw should point out that I'm using a JQuery $.ajax() within that checkEmail(email) function.

Any ideas anybody?

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

You could do the following:

var emails = [];   
var interval_id; 

function _start() {
    interval_id = window.setInterval(function() {
        var email = emails.shift();
        if (email) {
            var r=checkEmail(email.address);
            if (email.callback) email.callback(r);
        else {
    }, 15500);

function add_email(email, callback) {
    emails.push({address:email, callback:callback});
    if (!interval_id) _start();

Whenever you have a new email address to check, just run add_email(email). This will add it to the queue and start the interval timer if necessary. Additionally, you can say add_email(email,function(result) {....}) if you want to get notified when the check is completed.

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