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Downgrade Xamarin.Android

I`ve installed Xamarin (Xamarin studio, Xamarin.Android) But there are some problems with building even the simpliest project(just create new project->Build->Get an error).

After some googling I found that I`m not the only one experiencing such problems.
The only solution I found is to revert to an earlier version of Xamarin.Android. But how do I do this? Can anyone help, please?

Current version of Xamarin.Android is 4.8.0

Desired version to rollback to is 4.6.6

Answer Source

I've talked to Xamarin about downgrading. It's not straight-forward. You will need to uninstall everything from Add and Remove Programs and then re-install directly from the following .msi's:

  1. JDK 1.6:

  2. Android SDK:

  3. GTK#:

  4. Xamarin Studio:

  5. Xamarin.Android for Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio:

  6. Xamarin.iOS for Visual Studio:

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