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Is there a static code analyzer [like Lint] for PHP files?

Is there a static code analyzer for PHP files? The binary itself can check for syntax errors, but I'm looking for something that does more, like unused variable assignments, arrays that are assigned into without being initialized first, and possibly code style warnings. Open-source programs would be preferred, but we might convince the company to pay for something if it's highly recommended.

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Run php in lint-mode from the command line to validate syntax without execution:

  • php -l FILENAME

Higher-level static analyzers include:

Lower-level analyzers include:

Runtime analyzers, which are more useful for some things due to PHPs dynamic nature, include:

The documentation libraries phpdoc and doxygen perform a kind of code analysis. Doxygen, for example, can be configured to render nice inheritance graphs with graphviz.

Another option is xhprof, which is similar to xdebug, but lighter, making it suitable for production servers. The tool includes a PHP-based interface.

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