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How to read XML data from a URL by using vb.NET and save

Friends, I am able to get XML file by sing bytes, perhaps which is getting some problem. Can u suggest me alternate method to do the same thing to save XML file?

Dim strUrl As String = ""
Dim wr As HttpWebRequest = CType(WebRequest.Create(strUrl), HttpWebRequest)
Dim ws As HttpWebResponse = CType(wr.GetResponse(), HttpWebResponse)
ws.ContentType = "UTF-16"
Dim str As Stream = ws.GetResponseStream()
Dim inBuf(100000) As Byte
Dim bytesToRead As Integer = CInt(inBuf.Length)
Dim bytesRead As Integer = 0
While bytesToRead > 0
Dim n As Integer = str.Read(inBuf, bytesRead, bytesToRead)
If n = 0 Then
Exit While
End If
bytesRead += n
bytesToRead -= n
End While
Dim fstr As New FileStream("c:/GetXml.xml", FileMode.OpenOrCreate, FileAccess.Write)
fstr.Write(inBuf, 0, bytesRead)
Catch ex As WebException
End Try

Answer Source

Why not just use the WebClient class and its DownloadFile method?? Seems a lot easier....

This is in C#, but you should have no trouble converting that to VB.NET:

WebClient wc = new WebClient();
wc.DownloadFile("http://xyz", @"C:\getxml.xml");

and you're done!


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