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FB.UI params doesn't affect to dialog window

I want to add Facebook share button to my site. I created app on Facebook. Ran local server. Added to host-file and added domain and website http:/ / space) to app settings in Facebook. Trying:

function shareOnFacebook(){
method: 'share',
display: 'popup',
title: 'myTitle',
href: '',
caption: '',
picture: '',
description: 'myDescription'
}, function(response) {
if(response && response.post_id){}

but in dialog window infromation is filled without params, that i sent with function FB.UI. Did i miss something necessary for having permission to put information to the dialog window?

Answer Source

Since the API v2.9, this is no longer possible to customise the content of the feed dialog :

The only part you can customise is the "quote" content, which look like that :

Quote param with the API v2.9

Your code doesn't work because even if you force the API v2.5 or v2.8 with the "FB.init" call, each new Facebook APP is using the v2.9 :

you can't downgrade a Facebook APP

If you don't have any old Facebook APP in your own repository (< v2.9), you can't use the good old feed dialog.

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