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Javascript Question

Get the element which is the most visible on the screen

I would like to get the one element which is the most visible on the screen (takes up the most space). I have added an example picture below to understand my question a bit more.


The two black borders are the sides of a screen. As you can see, the green box (div2) is the most visible on the screen - I would like to know how I can get that element. The most visible element should not have to be fully visible.

I have done a quick (it wasn't THAT quick) seach but to no avail, if I have missed it - my apologies.

Answer Source

Yes, this question is too broad. But I was interested on solving it. Here is crude example on how to accomplish it.

I tried to explain what's going on with comments. It surely can be done better, but I hope it helps.

// init on page ready
$(function() {
    // check on each scroll event
        // elements to be tested
        var _elements = $('.ele');

        // get most visible element (result)
        var ele = findMostVisible(_elements);

function findMostVisible(_elements) {

    // find window top and bottom position.
    var wtop = $(window).scrollTop();
    var wbottom = wtop + $(window).height();

    var max = 0; // use to store value for testing
    var maxEle = false; // use to store most visible element

    // find percentage visible of each element

        // get top and bottom position of the current element
        var top = $(this).offset().top;
        var bottom = top + $(this).height();

        // get percentage of the current element
        var cur = eleVisible(top, bottom, wtop, wbottom);

        // if current element is more visible than previous, change maxEle and test value, max 
        if(cur > max) {
            max = cur;
            maxEle = $(this);

    return maxEle;

// find visible percentage
function eleVisible(top, bottom, wtop, wbottom) {

    var wheight = wbottom - wtop;

    // both bottom and top is vissible, so 100%
    if(top > wtop && top < wbottom && bottom > wtop && bottom < wbottom)
        return 100;

    // only top is visible
    if(top > wtop && top < wbottom)
        return  100 + (wtop - top) / wheight * 100;

    // only bottom is visible
    if(bottom > wtop && bottom < wbottom)
        return  100 + (bottom - wbottom) / wheight * 100;

    // element is not visible
    return 0;

Working example -

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