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HTML for the Pause symbol (in a video control)

Trying to find the HTML to make a button display the pause symbol. I was able to find that play is &#9658 but I'm looking for the equivalent in the pause symbol.

Thanks for help in advance!

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There are various symbols which could be considered adequate replacements, including:

  1. | | - two standard (bolded) vertical bars.

  2. ▋▋ - ▋ and another▋

  3. ▌▌ - ▌ and another▌

  4. ▍▍ - ▍ and another▍

  5. ▎▎ - ▎ and another▎

  6. ❚❚ - ❚ and another ❚

I may have missed out one or two, but I think these are the better ones. Here's a list of symbols just in case.

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