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Javascript Question

JavaScript always check the input

I'm going to start off with an apology, I am totally new to this, so excuse my ignorance.

I can't manage to find a simple example of how to check html input with JavaScript.

I'm building a search function and I don't know how to get my code to check what a user input and to always be checking what they say. Not fire a set number of times.


User types "a" into an


User input is set to a variable and will constantly update.

In this case
var userInput = 'a'

I suppose another way to phrase it is I want
but to get it constantly.

I hope I was clear!

Answer Source

Let's say you have an HTML text input like this:

<input id="userInput" type="text">

To listen for when a key is pressed in that textfield:

var userInput = document.getElementById('userInput');
userInput.onkeyup = function() {

Or, with jQuery:

$("#userInput").keyup(function() {
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