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PHP Question

PDO postgres return nothing for all queries

Cannot understand what's wrong.

I use:

vagrant 1.8.5
postgresql 9.3.14
PHP 5.5.9
(but also trying 7.0)

Vagrant machine:
, php and utils from here:

All seems OK but query results.

Test code:

$connect = new PDO('pgsql:dbname=template1;host=localhost', 'postgres', 'postgres');

$st = $connect->prepare("SELECT 1")->fetchAll();
var_dump( $connect->getAttribute(PDO::ATTR_CONNECTION_STATUS) );


array(0) { } string(31) "Connection OK; waiting to send."

Answer Source

You see this behaviour because you don't actually execute the query. After PDO::prepare you should call PDOStatement::execute. So the following code will return the result:

$st = $connect->prepare("SELECT 1")
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