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jquery select from inserted html

having trouble selecting from inserted modal html. dispatchBody won't' select or insert

success: function (response) {
var result = omac.getJson(response);
if (result.status.msg == "Success.") {var html = '<div class=\"modal right fade\" id=\"referenceModel\" tabindex=\"-1\" role=\"dialog\" aria-labelledby=\"myModalLabel\"> <div class=\"modal-dialog\" role=\"document\"> <div class=\"modal-content\"> <div class=\"modal-header\" style=\"background-color: #428bca;color:#fff;\"> <button type=\"button\" class=\"close\" id=\"btnCloseModel\" data-dismiss=\"modal\" aria-label=\"Close\"><span aria-hidden=\"true\">&times;<\/span><\/button> <h4 class=\"modal-title\" id=\"myModalLabel\">Reference Center<\/h4> <\/div> <div class=\"modal-body dispatchBody\"> <\/div> <div class=\"modal-footer\"> <button type=\"button\" class=\"btn btn-primary\" data-dismiss=\"modal\">CLOSE<\/button><\/div><\/div><\/div><\/div>';

Answer Source

My guess as to what you are trying to do here is: insert the contents of var html after .mainBody, and set the content of .dispatchBody to the returned result

Which leaves you with an incorrect use of .after, it should be


see for details on after

If that is not your intent, update you question to reflect that.

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