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SQL Question

Order by in Inner Join

I am putting inner join in my query.I have got the result but didn't know that how the data is coming in output.Can anyone tell me that how the Inner join matching the data.Below I am showing a image.There are two table(One or Two Table).

alt text

According to me that first row it should be Mohit but output is different.Please tell me.

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

You have to sort it if you want the data to come back a certain way. When you say you are expecting "Mohit" to be the first row, I am assuming you say that because "Mohit" is the first row in the [One] table. However, when SQL Server joins tables, it doesn't necessarily join in the order you think.

If you want the first row from [One] to be returned, then try sorting by [One].[ID]. Alternatively, you can order by any other column.

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