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Sequelize many to many with extra columns

After some research I didn't find anything related to my problem. So the setting is an M:M relationship already working with sequelize (sqllite):

return User.find({ where: { _id: userId } }).then(user => {`UserController - found user`);
Notification.find({ where: { _id: notificationId } }).then(notification => {
if (associate) {
return user.addNotification([notification]);
} else {
return user.removeNotification([notification]);

The thing is that I have extra fields in the inter table(cityId, active) and I don't know how to update it when running "addNotification".

Thanks in advance


In order to add data to pivot table you should pass data as second parameter of add function

user.addNotification(notification, {cityId: 1, active: true});