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OpenCart vQmod 2.6.3 twig edits not working

I'm having this issue while creating a vqmod for editing order notification/alert for admin. I've already tried the

**Admin Dashboard Gear Solution**
(to clear the theme cache), but it didn't work. And also, the
file had repeating lines of text that I added in the vqmod file. It seems that the edited text was added to the vqcache file as many times as I refreshed the modifications cache in the admin panel, but all of that is useless as the final admin order email still has the old template

Answer Source

If your other vQmods are working, it sounds like there probably is some error in the one you're working on. Try stripping it down to a very simple vQmod which makes a very small change and see if that works. If so, the problem is some other part of the vQmod.

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