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Using git-svn to merge a svn branch back into trunk and trunk back into the branch

So I'm using git and interacting with an svn repo.

I have a svn TRUNK that looks like this:


And a svn bug_fixes branch that branches off at commit B or C:


Now I need to get the cdefghi commits that are in my svn branch back into the master branch.

I'm aware that I could just do a squashed commit, let's call it squash SQUASH (which would contain cdefghi), but then it seems like I would have to kill the bug_fixes branch and start a new branch to cleanly continue.

Here: they suggest:

the branch.

master's changes into the branch.

the master.

merge --reintegrate
the branch's changes onto master.

Continue development.

Unfortunately, git-svn doesn't seem to recognize any "merge --reintegrate" command for svn.

So how do I cleanly make branch and master have all commits, so that development on both can continue, using git-svn's commands?

Answer Source

The Caveats section of the git-svn documentation warns

For the sake of simplicity and interoperating with a less-capable system (SVN), it is recommended that all git svn users clone, fetch and dcommit directly from the SVN server, and avoid all git clone/pull/merge/push operations between git repositories and branches.

The author does provide a recommendation:

The recommended method of exchanging code between git branches and users is git format-patch and git am, or just dcommiting to the SVN repository.

Adapting to your situation

git format-patch --stdout c^..i >my.patch
git reset --hard trunk
git am <my.patch

where c and i are appropriate identifiers for the commits in your history.

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