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Really basic jQuery: how can I check to see if a table cell has a value?

Been Googling this for over an hour, and getting answers to much more complex questions but not this simple one, and my Dummies book is no help.

I want to change the background of a row if a particular cell has a value. So:

$('#MyTable tr').each (function(index) {

$(this).css('background-color', '#FCDCE4');


Works fine to change the bg color in every row, but how can I do this only in rows where column 30 has a value? I could probably give my target cell a css class and do it that way, but I'd really rather learn to use jQuery properly (so that I don't need to keep posting elementary questions).

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You can use jQuery .children() and .eq() to get the cell 30.

Note that .eq() is zero based, so you need to use 29 to get the 30th cell


$('#MyTable tr)').each (function(index) {
    var cell = $(this).children("td").eq(29)

    // your if condition

    $(this).css('background-color', '#FCDCE4');

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